Our Clients

ADL Services provides quality Air Conditioning and Refrigeration solutions to a broad range of clients across many different industries.

Hotels and Clubs

Our proven capability in Beverage Refrigeration, Cool rooms, Commercial Air Conditioning and Ice Machines positions us as one of the region’s leading providers to the Hotel and Community Club sector

Food Processing and Storage Facilities

Whether you require supply, installation, maintenance, repairs or even energy efficiency audits of your Cool Rooms, Freezer Rooms, Blast Freezers or Preparation areas, we carry the expertise to provide you with a solution every time.

Commercial Buildings

Commercial showrooms and offices are high human occupation environments which require not only year-round temperature control but compliant levels of fresh air infiltration and kitchen and toilet exhaust. Our engineering capability in Commercial Air Conditioning and Ventilation systems ensures optimum human comfort and indoor air quality at all times.

Home Builders

Ducted systems are easier to install whilst the home is still under construction particularly when the design of the home is unconventional, or the house is across more than one level. The other advantage to the consumer is that rolling the cost into the overall package is more practical than seeking additional finance after the event. With this in mind, many of today's home builders are offering Air Conditioning as an optional feature of a new home similar to alarms or ducted vacuum systems.

Mine and Quarry Sites

Some of the sites we work on require stringent compliance with safety codes and currency of all relevant insurances. ADL Services are fully accredited to carry out this type of work.


Council facilities are widely varied and as such, they require a provider with a broad range of skills to install, maintain and repair the HVAC&R products in their many facilities. From a humble wall hung split system to a large heat pump system in an Olympic pool, ADL has the skills to offer solutions to all.


Cafes, Take-aways, Coffee Shops, Seafood Markets, Butchers and Restaurants all number among our clients. With rising energy and refrigerant costs it is imperative that these businesses can rely upon us to ensure that the integrity of their Refrigeration and Air Conditioning equipment is maintained and operating at its optimum efficiency.

Hospitals and Aged Care

Hospitals have some very unique requirements which are beyond the scope of many HVAC&R companies. ADL Services successfully addresses challenges such as these on a regular basis. Air pressurisation systems, surgical vacuum systems, contingency systems along with very stringent air quality management are among the issues we take care of for our clients in this sector.